Week 25

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25 weeks and just a hair shy of 36 inches around. I desperately need to go thrifting again. It's been in the 80s all this week and I only have one tank top that fits me now.

We had another midwife appointment yesterday. Anita had called in sick so we met with the other attending midwife. Afterward back in the car I said to Curtis, "I'm really glad Anita is our regular midwife and not that other lady." Very nice person, but too hyper and almost nervous. I'm so grateful that Anita is just calm and mellow.

My weight is up to about 126-127, which puts me at about 16-17 pounds total weight gain so far. On the lower end of what seems to be the recommended scale, but I'm all right with it. I'm definitely growing, and I've never been a big weight-gainer, ever.

My blood pressure went up a little, too-- 98/56 this time. Guess the extra salt and bacon are paying off.

Curtis got to feel Sid's head this time. Sid was lying upright, facing out. Every time C or one of the midwives would feel his head, he'd start kicking. When he's lying sideways, I can sometimes feel his head in my side, like a little tennis ball.

Don and Kirsten have given us two car seats and a nice stroller, plus they have a cradle and some other things for us. More gear we can cross off our list!