So, well I just made an account on here. Was just interested in it. I'm due Jan 30 with a girl (yes, 2nd baby, first girl :).) Anywho...I'm an army wife, and I'm a PN (Note I said PN, not LPN because I need 12 clinical hours to get my license and I can't find anyone who is willing to let me get it atm). Right now, I'm a SAHW, and will be a SAHM when my daughter, Alessia Reneé Cagle. My husband is planning on being a cop after he gets out of the army, which is the day I'm due. (Lol, ironic huh?) Anyway, there's not much I can write, besides introducing myself.

I was 194lb pp, now I'm about 175. (I'm not trying to loose weight, I got diagnosed with borederline HG.)
My daughter is measuring bigger than her DD, and I'm measuring smaller than my DD.
I have 2 sisters, one just had her baby today, the other is waiting for her baby, and they're hoping she makes it to Nov 3, even tho she's due Nov 17. My brother has a son who was born in Feb. My son is 7, almost 8, but I don't have custody of him atm. Long story short: My ex decided he was going to say he was taking our son to the park, and came back a few hours later with custody papers, divorce papers, and kicked me out, all because I was talking to one of my best childhood friends (yes a guy), but I was married, and my husband was engaged at the time to another girl. (Yes I married him.) We weren't even considering a relationship at the time we got back in contact after 12 years.
My daughter is hyper as heck. She likes beating my bladder and kicking me in the kidney. Lol.
And that's about it.