Well here i am again!

Well here I am again, Baby number 3 on its way! Its ironic really as I was trying for Jay my youngest for 2 1/2 years, planning sex like a military operation, ovulation kits, lying with legs up against walls, you name it I did it!

We'd more or less given up as the doctor said we only had a very small chance of conceiving naturally due to my partners low sperm count but, as in a lot of cases when we'd lost hope our little miracle came along.

So after this last saga I didnt think twice when I was not covered for contraception for 2 weeks, but as life does a lot! I have fallen pregnant with baby 3! Not planned, not ideal timing but nevertheless good news! My eldest Niamh is looking forward to having a little sister, as I think she is getting a bit tired of her boisterous brother getting on her case lol!

Anyway Im yet to make an appointment at the doctors, I think im roughly about 5 weeks gone, but will have to get confirmation as I have no idea when my last P was! Anyway signing out, still trying to get my head round it all!

S xx