Well... now what

Well... now what? What do i do know? I found out that I was pregnant March 1st. At that time I was living with my boyfriend, the father, and we were as happy as can be. even though we were not married we were still wanting to add a new member to our family. It is now a little over a month later, and I am living in a different state with my mother fighting every day with him, my emotions, and the pains of the first trimester.

It was like a week after he found out that we were having a baby a switch flipped in his brain that transformed him from a 25 year old stable adult, to a needy blubbering 3 year old. I cant understand any of his decisions. First, he kickes me out. I was taking my usual nap when suddently I am awoken by a screaming cat. I go look outside and what do I find? My cat ,along with everything I own, in my car. This is when I start to get heated. I turn around to go inside and figure out what is goin on, and he slams the door in my face telling me to go away. WTF!

Without any warning, without any fight at all, and most of all without any explanation he has thrown me out. What is that supose to mean? Is he scared to be a father? Is he just crazy? What do I do now? I have nowhere to go except my mom's house which is out of state. I have one month to figure out my life, where im going to go, what im going to do, and if I can even do this on my own!