Well the doctor was wrong again!

I'd been heartbroken when my doctor told me in November that i'd find it hard to concieve. I found it so unfair given that i'd never felt part of a family. I thought i'd never know what that felt like, I felt defeated. Every time I saw a child, I felt like i'd been punched in the chest. So when the stomach cramps began, I awaited that monthly reminder of how useless I was....but it didn't come! I'm naturally very thin so didn't think anything of being a few days late but when those few days had stretched to eleven, I thought something was wrong. I'd passed all of the symptoms off as something else but thought I should take a test in the chance that I might actually have concieved. I'd been ten days late before and it'd been a false alarm so I wasn't prepared for the second line to become apparent on the test. Me and my fiance had brought two tests just in case and for the second time watched the two lines fill in. I still wasn't convinced as one line was feinter than the other so we almost ran back to boots to buy a digital test. I don't think I would believe it unless it was spelt out. The little egg timer flashed for what felt like an eternity as we held eachother in the bathroom. I almost didn't dare look, butterflies were flying around my insides. Then suddenly, PREGNANT. Tears were falling from my chin before I realised I was crying. I didn't know what to do. The doctor had told me this couldn't happen. Panic mixed with confusion and I couldn't force anything out of my mouth. What would we do about university? How would our parents react? I knew as soon as it hit me that I wouldn't get rid of the baby.

Once me and my fiance had given ourselves time to calm down and think rationally we realised that it wouldn't be as difficult as we'd thought. We could easily find a place to rent together. His placement year meant quite a good income and if I stayed at university, they had childcare facilities and i'd get lots of extra money. As it happens, our parents are excited about being grandparents and as daunting as it may be, we're excited about being parents!

Not wishing to tempt fate, i've only told a few close ones as I know things can still go wrong. Having to keep in on the inside is really difficult but hopefully we'll be able to tell the world soon! Smile