What am I doing wrong?

I feel like I'm doing something wrong with the guy I am with. We will be together for a year in April, and we are going to have a baby. We tried for 8 months to get pregnant, but I feel that he doesn't want this. I feel as if I rushed to quickly, and now that he doesn't want nothing to do with me. He did cheat on me three times, but i forgave him, and moved on, but now I'm scared that, because he got me pregnant that he is going to cheat on me more, and not tell me. All I want is his honesty, and want him to be trustworthy to me. I wish he could tell me what he wants that way I don't feel like I'm getting hurt in the end. Maybe if he talked to me and told me things, then I would understand more. He doesn't like talking to me tho, about anything. I just don't want to end up like one of those girls that stay with a guy, who doesn't give a crap about their baby's mother. I want him to love and baby, and be understanding. Like is that so hard to ask for?