what does it mean when you have a particularly late period

I am been trying to get pregnant with my husband for over a year (year and few months) and my periods seem to be very irregular. In the last six months, they have ranged from 28 days to 34 day cycles. This month and until yeaterday i was convinced i was pregnant (i was on day 34) and had tiny amounts of brown spotting for two days and no cramps. Then yesterday i started properly towards the end of the day. I was absolutely gutted. It was my longest cycle ever. First question; Could i have been pregnant but m body rejected it?

I have done some blood tests and waiting for results for my 21 day blood test. My husband's sperm sample came back not looking good, low amount, low amount of healthy sperm and very high amont of abnormal sperm. He has to do another this month. Second question: what else can we do to help ourselves fall pregnant.

Rachel (30)