What in the world...

So, last night .. I went to the bathroom and it seemed like my bleeding was slowing down. Yay! I was excited because I've been bleeding for a week now. I only bleed for 3-4 days on my period, so this has been quite annoying. However, then when I got up this morning, I'm back bleeding and it's a bunch. It's almost a period, still not quite as heavy but definitely heavier than yesterday. I wish this would hurry up. Every time I see the blood I'm reminded of the baby I could have had.

I never noticed all the strollers and pregnant women around me, but as a cruel joke there seems to be tons now.

On a side note, my boyfriend mentioned adding me to his insurance. I told him we'd have to get married for me to be added and he kind of copped an attitude and told me to just go look. Soo...maybe he's going to propose soon! I'm thinking we're going to skip the actual "wedding" since we've both been married before. I suppose we'll just get married at the courthouse and have a super party afterward.

I really want a kid. I have had custody of my brother for many years now. I took care of him when he was little (he's ten years younger than me) and I want my own now. I know we will keep trying, but I can't keep trying until I STOP BLEEDING.