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Hi there, well i'm not actually trying to conceive but had to choose a catagory. However, I am a bit puzzled!! I have a 28 day cycle usually, regular as clock work, therefore my last period was dec 9th and I should have been due around Monday. However, I have had no cramps or signs of AF coming as I usually would. The puzzling thing is, I was away for xmas and returned to my partner on the 29th of december and well yeah we had some catching up to do! er hem... plenty of action... but I doubt I would have been fertile at this time as it would be day 21 or so of my cycle. So, i'm kinda puzzled as to why AF isn't here yet?

I did have a cold about a week ago and took some benylin but that's it. I've had much worse things and still come on bang on 28 days. Anyone help me with answers here?

Many Thanks

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Pregnancy test done, as though negative result. Have to wait and see if period comes.


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I have done a pg test and it is negative. Have to wait and see if period shows. Its a pain in the bum!!

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I, too, have a cycle that's like clockwork. I was 10 days late randomly one month. That particular month was incredibly stressful mind you. Have you been under an abnormal amount of stress? Perhaps from traveling?