Where did all my symptoms go?

So I'm really really pregnant. Baby is in the right spot, measuring the right size and has a heartbeat that we saw. I go back Aug 29th to hear the heartbeat, hopefully. Every twinge and ache I over analyze. I stare at the toilet paper looking for blood. It's been a whole lot of fun. However, I've had morning sickness. Like, bad. The doc put me on Zofran on Friday. I've had it for five days. Today is Wednesday, I wake up...and ..it's gone? Usually I can't wait to gobble that pill down and I even ate breakfast and I don't feel anything. Has me extremely worried. Morning sickness was making me extremely down, but it made me feel better about this pregnancy. Today, my boobs are sore and I still am peeing a lot.

I hate to say this, but... I hope it comes back. and I hope my baby continues to be healthy. And I hope the u/s next Wed shows everything like it's supposed to be.

Please god keep blessing this pregnancy.