Wonderful Week 7

First Blog of Pregnancy. Never Blogged before but I guess this is as good a time as any to start!

Since finding out about our little baby-on-the-way, life has changed drastically (and every moment has been WONDERFUL).

Telling the family was an amazing time! I made mom & dad have a joint birthday so that I could tell them together with a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Grandma & Grandpa". It was truly priceless. Each family and friend was told in a special way unique to them. What an amazing time!

They say that Baby Westman is a blueberry this week. Mmmm Blueberry's sound WONDERFUL... I wonder if I can have them??? Baby is growing brain cells rapidly this week (go genius go!) as well as a little mouth, tongue and little arm & leg stubs. (How amazing is that!)

We have our first apt on Monday! WooHoo (and then some!)! We will be bringing our recorder along so we can share the miracle of the first moment we heard our child. I get all goose-bumpy and excited when I think about it Biggrin (Big Smiles!)

Well there you go, Happy Week Seven! ~Kristin (and Little Baby Westman)