Wordless Wednesday: Little Girl Saved By Good Samaritan

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by Cassandra R. Elias

Wordless Wednesday: Little Girl is Saved by Heroic Neighbor

Parents have many fears and concerns about their children -- it's only natural. One of the biggest on our lists is if our children become injured or worse.

In New York City, one little girl can thank a heroic neighbor for saving her life by catching her from a third story window.

Video taken by a resident shows little Keyla standing outside on an air conditioner on the third floor.

Then, there is a horrific moment where she's seen falling and jsut moments before landing, her fall is broken by Steven St. Bernard. Steven rushed to the scene as soon as he noticed the little girl.

When asked if he felt like a hero, he said it was the right thing to and that he would hope everyone would rush to do that same in that situation.

The 52-year-old bus driver and father of four said that all he could think of as she was falling was, "Please let me catch her, please let me catch her, that's all I could say. Let me catch the little baby, that’s all."

Keyla is autistic and was seen dancing and smiling on the air conditioning unit prior falling. Children with special needs such as autism often have a lessened sense of danger.

The logical question to ask ourselves is, "Where were the parents?"

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What's your story?