We Want to Know -- What is the Worst Gift You've Ever Received?

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by Paco Haus

Worst Gifts Ever!

disappointed with presentWith the holidays just about behind us, we got to thinking about the gifts we've received AND about those presents we simply must return, donate -- or dare we admit, re-gift!

There are some gifts we receive, which no matter how well intentioned, simply leave us shaking our heads. Then there are some presents that make us wonder what the heck was the intention in the first place.

We want to know: Have you ever received an awful, funny, bizarre, inexplicable, head-shaking, insulting, or otherwise just plain weird gift? If so, what was it?

Did your mother-in-law buy you a scale? Did hubby get you a mop? Did your sister buy you a toilet paper holder? How about the friend whose kids you always spoil? Did she buy them pencils? Did your co-worker buy you a bottle of wine, knowing you don't drink?

We want to hear all about it! Who will win the unenviable title of "Worst Gift Recipient Ever"?

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Submitted by Annie6543 on

I hate pink -- absolutely HATE pink (it needed caps, trust me). Knowing my aversion to all things pink, my mother-in-law bought me fuzzy pink slippers for Christmas. The fuzzy part was bad enough, but pink...really?

She thought it was funny. I did not.

Happy ending though. Smile My mom needed a new pair and she doesn't mind the color at all.