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WOW, so this is preganacy number eight and I am only 25. I have one living child who will be for in about a week, Dec. 4th. My mind is racing with so many emotions, thoughts, questions and worries.

Since I am not new to the game of being pregant, this is STILL a shock. It was not planned persay, as in detail "quick im ovulating" but as in no protection and if it happens great!

I am extremely nervous, becacause this will be the fourth pregnancy in Nov-Dec time... First misscarriage in NOV 2003 had to get a D&C had no choice, (second misscarriage April 2004 and third july 2004), fourth miscarriage DEC 2004, then fifth preganacy blessed with my son Gavin Dec 2005, sixth misscarriage May 2008, seventh DEC 24TH 2008... that sucked ass, that was a horrible Chirstmas eve....

See why im so freaked out, I don't even want to "feel" any postitve emotions... only to be "laughed at" and miscarriage again.

The messed up thing is the doctors have no answer on why? why me? what "wrong" the only thing they say is "you have a hostile uterus" well obviously :0)

I just don't want to be disappointed... ugg, dread... I am so happy at the same time... cross your fingers, please.