Yes, I am

I am pregnant so stop staring at me. I am young so stop staring at me.

I am 17 years old. not only that but i just turned 17. I am spprox 16 weeks pregnant. I am aware that teen pregnancy isn't completely social accepted by many people but atleast it isnt as frownd upon anymore. I had always planned to graduate at the end of my junior year because i felt i was ready to move onto college early. thank goodness for that plan because 1/2 way through second semistimer i found out i was pregnant.

It was an easy choice, keeping the baby. I have a loving and accepting family and my parents are still happily together. I come from a family where money was never really an issue so i knew after the shock had worn off that my parents would be ok with me raising this baby. I have an older brother and sister making me the youngest but while other siblings were fighting and arguing the 3 of us always got along despit our differences.

I feel as if everywhere i go i get atleast 1 dirty look from someone (mainly women) and a handful of pity looks. i suppose the thing that gets to me the most is that they dont know me and they have neevr known me. if anything my baby is lucky to be born into my family where it will always be taken care of. I wish people could just understand that everyone makes mistakes some bigger than others. I would never call my baby a mistake just more unplanned, a happy miracle.


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I was 17 years old when I had my first daughter. I'm 38 now and back then it was way less accepted than now. When they stare, stare back. When they snicker, tell them to speak up so you can hear what is so funny. When they look at you with pity, laugh to yourself and feel sorry for them. I never felt shame. I was beaming with pride and being a mother was the most amazing gift God could have given me. My little girl is now 20 years old, second year pre-med student. She is amazing and I would do it all over again and not change a darn thing! Congrats to you!