Young and already restless

I just found out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant. I'm really excited about it. I guess I should introduce myself a little bit first. I'm 19, and a college student. I'll be graduating a little less than a year after this little bundle will be born and I don't think I could be happier about it. My boyfriend and I are really excited about the baby, I'll be happy when I can say he or she because much like my friends when they were expecting, they hated calling their baby, an it. Unless you count a friend of mine that called our co-workers son Pepe, before we found out he was a boy. Either way it's a lot to take in. I'm already ready for it to be here and I'm not very far along. I'm only 6 weeks. I guess that's normal though in a new mom. I've got everything already planned out for my baby, the nursery, the color scheme, the entire theme of the room. Best part is, the room for the nursery is already green, it used to be my "office". I don't have an all important job like that but it's definetly nice to have your own space even if you live on your own. My mom is excited about it all ready, that's all she talks about. She asks me every morning how I feel, if I took my prenadle vitamin, how tired I am and I say the same thing almost every morning. "I'm good", "Yes", and "The Normal". Which is true. Sadly I'm tired all the time, just tonight before I left my mom's I slipped into my old room, now my brothers, and took over his bed while he played video games and took a nice nap. Sadly, he just left me there for almost an hour. I never meant to sleep that long. He's also excited about this baby. He's only 16 but he's ready to be an Uncle. My older sister is too. She asks about the baby sometimes when I talk to her. She's a long story on her own though. haha. Overall I'm excited for this pregnancy and I'm ready to see this little thing growing inside me. I worry though, about a miscarriage, any deformities/disabilities/impending diseases. I think that's every mother's worry though. I guess my friends are the only ones I haven't talked about. I guess that's because most of them don't know. I'm the middle out of all of us, and the way they talk about living life while their young and going off to house parties and drinking with older guys and having sex, it just doesn't appeal to me, then again, I've never been big on partying. I haven't had the time, but that's another story and a lot of tissues later. My father knows, sadly I don't think he's too enthused but I wouldn't be either if I was in the hospital. Like I said, lots of tissues later. I think he'll be better when he comes home. Maybe then I'll have the courage to tell my friends and brave up to those crazy looks that I know are coming because I'm so young, but I can't think of any other way of this happening. My pregnancy wasn't unplanned, more or less, and I'm very confident on being able to support this baby. I love him/her and that's all that matters. Either way. I'm ready for August to be here. Hello little one, goodbye teenage years!!