4th week

saw my spotting yesterday 7th Nov, now am having some cramps, feeling down and tired.

Third pregnancy woes

So i've had a feeling a few months ago that i may be pregnant. went to the dr.... not pregnant. about two months ago i took a test.... negative.

Making time to grieve.

Pregnancy and infant loss is never easy. The passing often takes with it shattered hearts and dreams of a future far different than the reality. Having to go through this process while still being called on to serve others -- whether that role is bearing work responsibilities, as "mom" for other children, coping with deteriorating health of parents or in-laws, or simply juggling your relationship with your partner -- 'overwhelming' doesn't even come close.


I just found out that I am FINALLY approximately 5 weeks after having fibroids removed 19 months ago!! My first prenatal appointment is in a couple weeks.

Incompetent Cervix

I was pregnant with my second child. We found out at my 20 week ultra sound it was a little boy. At about 23 weeks I began to experience contractions and soon had my baby, a stillbirth.


I am 6 moths pregnant today and Im very excited

it has been 4 years

it has been 4 years...and i have totally forgotten abt this website until a reminder was given to me ..hehe... "baby" is now a preschooler in a daily 3 hours nursery ( week days) ...

Great Recipes for Pregnant Gals: Creepy Witch's Fingers

Looking for something a little different this year for Halloween -- not too spooky and not too sweet but offering a bit of an "eww" factor? Try cheesy, creepy witch's fingers.

5 weeks

Just found out I'm expecting my 3rd child at the age of 34. At first I was a little scared because I was thinking I was too old to have a baby, but now that I think more in to it I'm very happy.

Where did all my symptoms go?

So I'm really really pregnant. Baby is in the right spot, measuring the right size and has a heartbeat that we saw. I go back Aug 29th to hear the heartbeat, hopefully.

Toddler tragically dies after falling from home balcony

Last week, two-year-old Rihana Bralic Leonard of Surrey, managed to get onto the balcony of her family's ninth floor apartment, climbed out onto the ledge and tragically fell to her death. This is a parent's worst nightmare!

Pregnant Mom Delivers Her Own Baby After Hospital Sends Couple Home

When Josh and Stephanie Ihnen went to the hospital Tuesday, they didn't think they'd be holding their baby in their arms anytime soon. They were told that their baby's birth wasn't imminent. Surprise!

Celebrity Round-Up: Births, Divorces and Unwelcome Outings!

This week's round-up includes "Housewives," births, divorce and unwelcome outings! Could it get any better? Ready for the buzz? Let's go!

Boy Creates "Lick-it List" for His Dying Service Dog

Here's a story that's sure to pull at your heart-strings. A service dog who is dying is spending her last days under the most loving of circumstances.

The importance of a good pre-school

How important is preschool to a child's development. My son is going to be 3 and is enrolled in a 2 day a week program? Is 2 days a week enough or is more emersion at this point better?

Pregnancy Memories Gone "Wild" and Just a Bit Eccentric

Everyone wants to have mementos of their pregnancy. So we make belly casts, document our pregnancy with plenty of pictures, frame our ultrasounds, and get 3D, 4D ultrasounds.

Wordless Wednesday: Coach Teaches Kid Good Manners Miles in the Sky

We can all take a lesson from this lacrosse coach. Seeing one of his students behaving badly while boarding their team's flight, he had him write an apology to the airline and fellow passengers and read it aloud.

Four-Year-Old Hero Who Saved Drowning Girl Dies

The selfless act of a four-year-old turns tragic as the hero didn't make it. Read about the amazing Xander Vento and the tough decision his parents had to make.

Celebrity Round-Up: Weddings for Brangelina and Justin Timberlake?

This week's celebrity round-up could be ringing with the sound of wedding bells...maybe! See what's the latest buzz. Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally tie the knot? Let's find out!

Bar Owner Installs Pregnancy Test Dispenser for Unique Campaign

Here's a new and interesting idea that might get some traction! A bar owner in Minnesota has installed a pregnancy test dispenser in his women's restroom. Women can purchase the $3 pregnancy tests with signage reading, "Think Before You Drink."