i need some advice :(

hello, i am 20 years old and i found out i am pregnant, my mom said i better not be trying to get preg but i am to begin with. i dont know what to tell her. i will be 21 when baby arrives and currently in 1st year of college but i am not giving that up. ill be taking a year off then returning to funnish my course, CAN ANY ONE PLEASE HELP ME ON WHAT TO TELL MY PARENTS MY MOM ESPECIALLY???

i need help please

hello, i just found out im pregnant and i dont know how to tell my perents. my mom especially, she told me that i better not be trying to get pregnant and i wasnt i happen to be pregnant. i dont know what to do,,,, any suggestions?

ps i am 20 yrs old and ill be 21 when baby arrives. currently in college and doing good. not giving up on college.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss. Losing your hair, especially for men, might appear to be a minor problem but there are many people who find it difficult to accept. This leads to frustration, anxiety and depression. Some people find that they become isolated as a result and are unable to discuss their feelings about this with anyone for fear of ridicule. But losing your hair is no laughing matter.


Still pregnant? I think so... I went to the doctor on Thursday and she did a papsmear. Said I would likely spot from it. She said my cervix was closed. Friday, I had no spotting, just like a clear discharge. Today? I'm fucking bleeding. Again! What the fuck?!?!?! I cried when Tim called me on his way home from work. I know everyone is sick of me. I'm sick of me. I keep thinking I'm okay with losing the baby, in fact I haven't even really thought of myself as "pregnant". But everytime I see blood, new emotions come in. Plus I'm moody as hell.

Still in limbo

So this morning (January 25th) I woke up and had a streak of bright red blood when I wiped. I immediately called the doctor and left a vm for the nurse saying I had bleeding and I was cramping. I wasn't exactly cramping, but it still felt....different. She called me back, scheduled my appointment for a prenatal work up a day early so that's tomorrow and then Friday I'll have my ultra sound in Harbour View.

No news...

Well, I went to the doctor today. That was a big waste of time. All they did was take blood. I had SO many questions and not a single one got answered. They said they'll call me tomorrow and let me know what my HCG level is and they will go from there. One reading, unless it's seriously low, won't really tell them anything. Or maybe it'll be really high. HA. This is ridiculous. My boobs hurt so bad and I keep forgetting how sore they are and then I stretch or something and it hurts. Which sucks because it keeps reminding me that I'm having symptoms - and might not have a baby.

Morning Sickness

I am 24 weeks pregnant with twins and have ended up in the ER three times for dehydration. Not to mention I have a 2 year old son. I couldn't continue living like this, I could not function. I had to take care of my son. I found this book online about chinese accupressure to eliminate morning sickness. It actually worked for me and the best part was that it is a massage everyday on certain pressure points on the body and soon your nausea, headache, vomiting, dry mouth, everything you eat makes you sick feeling is GONE!!!!!


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