High blood pressure during pregnancy (PRE ECLAMPSIA)

HI, last year i experienced pre eclampsia and i lost my baby, here's the whole details of the whole story. can any one share them their story to me? is it really common loosing your baby when you experienced pre eclampsia? until now i still feel uncomplete loosing my baby.heres the details.

Nap Nanny products recalled by CPSC

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled Nap Nanny products, with the support of manufacturer Baby Matters. One five-month-old died while using a Nap Nanny, though it was getting used incorrectly. Anyone who has a first generation Nap Nanny can get $80 off the purchase of a second generation product. Article resource - First Generation Nap Nanny products recalled by CPSC by

The Nap Nanny by Baby Matters


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I've been obsessed with names basically my whole life. I remember reading my mom's baby name book before I went to sleep when I was in elementary school. When I started writing I dove more deeply into the name books to find and create names for characters. The idea that a name can be "right" or "wrong" for a person has always been fascinating to me. You can fit the stereotype of your name or spend your whole life fighting against it.

Adderall during pregnancy

Hello! I am 15 weeks pregnant and am on Adderall for ADD (and it also helps with my depression and anxiety). There is very little information available about this medication and its use during pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I took 30 MG a day (20 XR in the morining and a 10 MG in the afternoon). Now I just take a 20 XR during the week and nothing or a 10 MG on the weekends. I am curious as to whether anyone else is on it or was on it during their pregnancy and how things turned out.


I have to explain why I am so concerned about being pregnant. A couple days after my boyfriend and I broke up I wanted to start taking my medication for my skin, which causes birth defects. Just as precaution I took a pregnancy test... to my surprise it came out positive. (Monday 9th)

Later that night I had a negative test. He treated me like I made the whole thing up!

The next morning a negative test. (Tuesday 10th)

The nurse wanted me to come in for a blood pregnancy test. (Tuesday Afternoon)

Babies, babies, babies...

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I look around me and everywhere I turn there is a baby taunting me. My best friend just found out a few weeks ago that she is expecting baby number one, after over a year of trying to conceive. I couldn't be happier for her, and I'm praying for a happy and healthy baby for her. But at the same time I wish I were in the same boat with her. My husband and I have only been trying for a month now, a little less actually, but I feel like I have been waiting forever for my husband to just get on board with another baby.


morning sickness has not been my freind. i have a thing, where i really dont like being around sick people. well, beyond grossing myself out on a regular bases; i can't seem to find the one thing that works and thats prego poppers. {the sad thing is the best tasting candy i have found is something thats helps with morning sickness.}
in my oppinion morning sickness should be illegal.

Could I really be pregnant?

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Could I really be pregnant after a tubal ligation surgery that i had done almost 6yrs ago? I've been having some strange symptoms. The one that struck me the most is how sore my breasts are and i still have 2 weeks til my cycle. I've been dizzy, tired, and all I want to eat is McDonalds fries and their vanilla ice cream cone. Plus I feel a fullness in my uterus, if that makes sense, and some cramping as well. Not to mention the headaches. I thought it was from caffeine and that maybe i was getting ready to start my cycle but then I realized it was still 2 weeks away.

Starting a New Job

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I've taken the leap and started my full time job. It's making everything more real. I'll be pregnant soon and dealing with a whole new set of challenges on top of learning a new job. It may be a little too much too soon, but I was already on the path to a baby before this job came along. I decided that I didn't want to change my family plan because of a professional opportunity.

Tip for Getting Pregnant

I'm currently in school for this ancient medicine and it can be really successful in treating infertility issues. Just from working in a student clinic, I have seen women get pregnant after trying acupuncture.

On top of that it is really helpful in treating all women's issues. PMS- doesn't have to be part of your life. Menopausal syndrome/ hot flashes- don't have to be so bad.
I personally have been treated for morning sickness & it worked wonders.

when does the worry end

We have been trying for over a year and have been pregnant twice since January, now we are working on number 3 attempt and I am a wreck.. every twinge of pain, every drop of discharge is like its own mini nightmare.. I am soooo afraid all the time to even go pee, always afraid I will see blood or NOT... the last miscarriage there was no blood, until after the procedure.. I feel like even if I had an ultrasound every single monday I won't feel comfortable with this working out until the baby is born...

The Importance of Hydration

We all know how important it is to drink lots of fluids, especially water. Picture this: you are watching a marathon on television, and kind volunteers wearing colorful vests are handing out bottles of water to the runners. The marathoners drink as they run, thirstily pouring the water down their parched throats. They then throw the bottles away, and with renewed energy and strength, they charge through the finish line...Victorious

Well pregnancy and childbirth are just like marathons, and women need to be aware of the importance of remaining hydrated throughout the process.

Waiting Welton's

Today is Sunday, on Wednesday I thought I had a doctor's appointment. It turned out that it was supposed to have been on Tuesday; and I missed it! This made me really disappointed because we were told by Dr. C at last month's visit (when we couldn't find our baby's heartbeat) that we would definitely be able to hear it this time... I actually began to cry when the receptionist told me that Dr. C wasn't in and that I would have to reschedule our appointment.

Finally a confirmation!!

First, my hubby and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months. We have two children, girls, and giving it one last shot for a boy. For the past three months I have taken multiple test, always the early detecters, only to be disappointed with negative results and finally down right sad when my period starts. My husband, Shelby, and I were begining to discuss if mabye there is a fertility problem.

Please help!!!

Please help! I went in for my first ultrsound last week, and the nurse called me and said I'm 16 weeks judging by the babies size, but my LMP was march 13th-16th, if I'm 16 weeks that would mean I got pregnant around april 15th, which is when I missed my first period. It doesn't make any sense! could something be wrong with the baby that would make him so small? Could I be further along than the doctor's think?


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