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Good Samaritan Saves Baby Boy from Subway Tracks

It was a windy afternoon on the "J" subway platform on the New York subway at Van Siclen Avenue. A mother had her one-year-old baby boy in a stroller with her. Her three other children were on a bench.

Women Don't Want to Have Sex According to Best-Selling Author

Best-selling romance author Jilly Cooper says sex is not as marketable a commodity in romance fiction as it once was. "The reason is very simple – women don't want to have sex any more," she claims at the Cartier Queen's Cup Final at Guards Polo Club.

Surviving Postpartum Psychosis and Losing my Son...

I survived Postpartum Psychosis, my Son did not...

In March of 1999 I had just turned 25 and was about to give birth to my second child. My daughter was turning 6 later that month as well so there should have been a lot of celebrating to do. I went a week and a half past my due date, and my son was born on March 11th at 11:10pm; Hunter Macarthy Ramsey.
Although I was excited, exhausted and not feeling quite right, little did I know a month later my little boy would be dead and I would be committed to the Augusta Mental Health Institute; responsible for his death.

I grew up in a small coastal town in Maine. I always refer to my family as "Old Maine". I guess alluding to the fact that nobody talks about their feelings. We still banked the house in the winter with plastic and hay and things always went unspoken. We were strong Maine women. It would have been nice if we were half as strong as what we thought we were supposed to be.
My mother was one of 6 children, very typical around here; they were Catholic. She had me when she was 17 and married my father I was told to get out of the house. Secrets, Secrets, Secrets...

I bounced around from relative to relative after the divorced and started kindergarten late waiting for my mother to come back from where ever it was she had gone. Eventually she did and ended up in a co-dependent relationship with my Stepfather and they had my brother and sister. There were years and years of fighting, alcohol, staying, leaving, packing up and moving back.
When I was 14, after a two day bender of not going to school, my Mom and stepdad fighting, packing and unpacking; my mother hung herself in our bathroom. I learned of this from her father (my grandfather) as she had sent me there to spend the night.
He informed me since I was the oldest child it was my responsibility to plan the funeral. Looking back, I think he was just devastated and was doing the best he could in those moments. So, with my grandfather driving me around and footing the bill, I proceeded to plan my mother's funeral. I don't remember everything, just bits and pieces. What I do remember is finally demanding to see her at the funeral parlor as we were writing her obituary. I had to; I couldn't or wouldn't bel

"Mommy Dog" Adopts and Cares for Orphaned Kittens

In one of the most bittersweet stories we've heard in a long time, a bulldog in Columbia, Alabama has become a nursing "mommy" to some orphaned kittens. This, in addition to caring for newborn puppies of her own.

Food Pouches For Kids -- Good Idea or Lazy Parenting?

Getting toddlers and little kids to eat nutritious, balanced meals or even to get them to eat at all can be tough. To help combat this problem, companies like Kraft and Nabisco created highly processed, heavily packaged items that are found in many school cafeterias.

Baby Girl Bedding Ideas

There are so many options these days for adorable girl nursery ideas. After doing a bit of research about dos and don'ts of a baby's room I'm left with many questions.

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Obese, 38 and pregnant for the 1st time!

I am so scared. This is my first pregnancy and I am almost 39 years old!! I am morbidly obese, and I have Fibroids!! The odds are against me here, and Im so scared.

Dad Kills Child's Molester -- Grand Jury Says Dad is Justified

In a chilling scenario, a young rancher in Texas hears his little girl screaming and goes searching for her. He finds A 47-year-old ranch hand with his pants and underwear down, raping his five-year-old daughter.

Photoshopping Sonograms: Is it Cool or Just Plain Weird?

Belly-casting and painting have been around for a long time. It seems that parents are getting more creative these days. Here's a new fad that's considered fun, quirky and a way to celebrate a pregnant woman's growing belly.

Honor a Special Little Boy By Eating a Banana Split Today

At 21-months-old, little Ryan is already checking things off his bucket list. Things like petting a puppy, riding a bike and getting a speeding ticket for going too fast in a hospital, where he spends far too much time.

When Good Moms Make Bad Choices and Decisions

When do good moms go bad? These two moms put their babies at great risk of bodily injury – most likely fatal. Both moms were arrested. Only one was let go when it was determined that she had made an "honest mistake." Who decides the punishment?

John Edwards' Former Mistress Rielle Hunter Writes "Tell-All" Memoir

The former presidential candidate John Edwards has been acquitted on charges regarding use of his campaign funds. The federal prosecutor decided last week not to try him on the remaining federal charges against him, what's next?

Breast Milk Kills HIV and Blocks Its Oral Transmission in Humanized Mice

Although almost half of infant HIV infections are attributed to breastfeeding, most breastfed babies are not infected with HIV. Researchers are left wondering if breastfeeding prevents HIV instead of causes it. New research explores the question using a humanized mouse model.

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Company Offers to Name Your Baby for One Thousand Dollars

Struggling with what to name your baby? Groupon comes to the rescue! For a mere $1,000, they'll name your baby. The name won't be randomly selected nor will there be some drawn out selection process. Your baby's name will be "Clembough." Confused? Us, too.

Mollee Bauer Speaking at Spark & Hustle 2012 20-City Tour!

I'm thrilled to be a speaker for the Spark & Hustle 2012 tour, a 20-city series of day-long conferences for current and aspiring small business owners. Come see me in Tampa!

"Hair-Raising" Trend in Little Girls Frequenting Salons and Spas

Are the kids of reality stars like "The Real Housewives of New Jersey's" Gina Guidice's daughter celebrating her ninth birthday with a salon party influencing women? While this might put your hair on end, there's a rise in the amount of little girls frequenting salons and spas in the United States.

Toddler Found Holding Loaded Handgun During Routine Traffic Stop

It takes a lot to shock police these days. It's rare, if not unheard of to be faced with what Chicago police found on one particular routine traffic stop.