8 weeks, 2 days

Well I am 2 months in, and the nausea is starting to go away. It is not a constant thing anymore just an every once in awhile thing. Still cannot drink coffee without major heartburn. Most of my family now knows about the baby and they are all starting to get really excited.

Boyfriends family still does not know, want to tell them together and in person but do not see them all that often. Not sure how they are going to take the news.

Relieved at this point

Right away while trying to conceive we picked up one of those fertility monitors. It's the Clearblue Easy one where it tells me which days to pee on the stick and then it'll tell me either that I have low fertility, high fertility or peak fertility on any specific day. After this last period, which dear God I wanted to die from, I was getting anxious. Days 6-12 went by without even a high fertility day... I started getting worried. I've been so stuck on the idea of pregnancy that I think I've been tricking my body into believing that I am.

A slow Saturday

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Today we didn't do much. We woke up early and spent some time cleaning. I am having some anxiety about you today. You have to understand that I want you to be perfect. I need to take my temperature and make sure it is still high. The cramping was less today and still no spotting. We will be going with my dad to church tomorrow morning.
It says on the calender that you already formed your major organs! Wow, you sure grow fast- just like my boobs right now.

Just found out about you

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I took the 2nd test today, and it was positive. I have never wanted anything more. Your timing is a little off...a little late, but you must get that from me. We are moving to Seattle in 2 weeks. I just resigned from my job. You don't have a father figure, but we will make it. I am going to need you to hang in there with me!!! We will be great together if you will stick with me these next 8 months.


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My boyfriend and I have decided that we're going to use condoms this month because I start my new job next week and I want to make sure my insurance kicks in before I get pregnant. It's going to be weird because we've never used condoms before. He understands where I'm coming from though, and I think it makes sense. I'm not going to go back on the pill for a month just so I can go back off and have my hormones all out of wack all over again. I hope this works. With my luck I'll get pregnant anyway even if we use a condom just to mess with my time line.

Confused and Scared

I think i have the symptoms of early pregnancy but i dont know. I have a mild pain in my right side and some mild pain in my pelvic area, my cycle is not due for 4 more days, i do have some nausea but i get hungery all the time even with the nausea, and i get dizzy sometimes. I need help what could this be, oh and my breast are a little tender. PLEASE HELP!!!

No symptoms- what about you?

Hi Everyone- I am a newly expecting mother and I was wondering if I should expect any sort of symptoms at 6 weeks preggers? I am not tired, I dont have any crazy cravings and I havent felt nauseous yet. Is it a little to early to have symptoms or am I just one of those really lucky people? How did you feel at 6 weeks? My first dr's appointment isnt til August 19th so I didnt want to wait that long to ask these questions. WOOHOOO

Thanks ladies!

Yoga Sunday

This morning (Sunday, July 25) I attended Yoga in the Park. It's a free, open to the community all levels welcome one hour yoga session. It was a beautiful morning, the humidity has broken and so many people were out and about on the paths.

There was a nice group of people, all ages and all levels. It was nice to have some time for myself for a revitalizing workout. Although I have a pre-natal yoga DVD, I'm looking forward to taking a class somewhere so I can meet other women who are using yoga as a way to prepare the body for the wonderful birthing experience.

Finding Out

Today I took the official test and we found out we're pregnant! I was supposed to take the test during a real dr office visit on Monday, but this morning (Friday) I woke up knowing I had a bladder infection. So, I went to the urgent care clinic. Kinda sucks that I have to start my pregnancy taking antibiotics.

Steve and I got married a month ago on June 19. It sure didn't take long and we didn't have to practice much. Oh well, it's better that way, because it was so hard to wait those three weeks to even find out. We are so excited.

Negative Again

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Well, I took another HPT this morning and it was negative. Although I'm 4 days late on my period. I guess since it's still negative, my period must just be late. I mean, my last period was 7 days late. So, since I don't want to waste anymore money on HPT, I guess I'll just wait 3 more days for AF.

Sad oh well, better luck next time.

Told the Dad

Well I told the babies Dad last night that I was pregnant. It must have been the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. I love him a lot and didn't want to loss him. In the past 2 years he has repeatedly said he is not ready for kids, does not want any right now and would probably leave if any came.

Painting & Pregnancy

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Okay, so I have been doing quite a bit of online research about this topic, so I thought I would share. I'm an artist (on the side) and I wanted to find out what paints are safe to use while pregnant. So here you go, as short of a summary as possible, if you want to know more, you can google it, hehe, but I don't mind answering what I can:

New Job

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I finally got a call that I've been waiting for! I received and offer for a full time position! This is one of the most exciting things to happen to me in a long time. I'll have a regular schedule, and a regular pay check to count on. No more depending on other people's generosity to pay my bills!! The best thing by far in the benefits package that seems to be a very good one. I will be insured through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama.


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Well, I took the HPT this morning, the day after my period is supposed to start and it was a big fat negative. Not pregnant Sad Oh well, I guess I can't get too discouraged since I've only been off my birth control for 2 months and the first month I wasn't trying, but this past month me and my hubby have been quite diligent in our love

So, I guess I'll just wait for my period....if I don't start by Friday, maybe I'll take another test since I have one left, just in case this one was wrong.

Trying for #2

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Okay, so my hubby and I are trying for baby #2. We already have a healthy little girl that turns 2 next month, but it's time for her to have a sibling Smile We were married 1 1/2 years before I got pregnant the first time and we weren't even trying. I just happened to forget my birth control (nuvaring) and OOPS, hehe, but I'm glad it happened. SO, this is the first time that I'm actually trying to get pregnant. It's so exciting, but nerve racking...I hate the waiting!


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