just found out

I just found out the other day that I am pregnant for my 3rd child. It was a VERY unexpected pregnany but much wanted. We have been married for 2 years and were trying for the first year but had no luck so we decided to quit trying and go back on birth control. by the time I got the pill it was too late. We are both worried due to my medical problems but I cant wait.

The birth control I will NEVER use again or recommend to my friends

I am a mother of two wonderful little boys. After having my first son, I opted to begin taking Depo Provera shots to prevent another pregnancy before I was ready for another child. This seemed like a good option because it would allow me to nurse my baby, and I would not have to remember to take a pill every day at the exact same time.

Adult baby on disability payments

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Adult infants deserve disability payments, says the Social Security Administration (SSA). Particularly, it requires advantages for Stanley Thornton Jr., a 30-year-old Redding, Calif., man who wears adult diapers and lives as an adult infant. SSA has cleared him of Social Security deception. Source of article: Adult baby cleared of fraud, continues to collect disability

Wear a diaper and the government will pay you

Just a thought !

It is May and May is known to be National Teenage Prevention Pregnancy Month. My dance club and I decided to take this week to acknowledge this month and tell other students about it. We asked for donations which will go to the organization, we made t-shirts, had a guest speaker come and speak to the kids about respecting your body, and we even had raffles and who ever wins will get different supplies for school to even hygiene. From doing this event, it made me want to take it a step further to make another impact to girls in my school.


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