The birth control I will NEVER use again or recommend to my friends

I am a mother of two wonderful little boys. After having my first son, I opted to begin taking Depo Provera shots to prevent another pregnancy before I was ready for another child.

Couple's Adoption May Have Involved a Kidnapping

What would you do if you found out that the child you adopted and loved with all your heart had been kidnapped years earlier and wasn’t yours to adopt?

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

There's nothing I enjoy more than waking up to the aroma of a cup of freshly brewing coffee, especially if my husband made it. Here's the study I've been hoping for!

In the News: In Vitro Treatment Produces Shocking Results For Couple

Congratulations! It's a...oops...not your baby. That's what happened to a gay couple in London when their second child was born.

Attachment Parenting Under Scrutiny

The TIME magazine article and its striking cover made quite an impression throughout the media and internet last week and while many found it offensive, others felt it was about time.

Study Finds Pregnant Women Still Smoking

Pregnant women continue smoking during pregnancy at alarming rates, according to a study released last Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

Celebrity Round-up: Sister Wives, Heidi, and the Kardashians

The celebrity round up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!

Did TIME Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover Go Too Far?

TIME magazine's latest cover shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair nursing from his mother. We can hear the gasps from across the country. Do you think it's gross or over-the-line? Is this really just part of everyday normal parenting? You tell us!

Obesity Rates Rising -- Almost Half of Americans Obese by 2030

We've been hearing that Americans are getting fatter for many years. Now there's shocking and definitive proof that obesity is becoming an epidemic.

Woman Gives Birth But Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

Reminiscent of TLC's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant," Amanda Prentice of Tennessee gave birth last week to what she and her husband are calling a "miracle baby." The baby's "miraculous" because she didn't know she was pregnant until she went into labor!

Two-Year-Old Toddler is Mensa's Newest Member!

We'd all like to think that our toddler is a genius -- but in the case of Emmelyn Roettger, her parents can prove it. With an IQ of 135, she is the youngest member of the high IQ society, MENSA.

Celebrity Round-up: Jessica, Nadya, Levi, Khloe and Trump

The celebrity round-up provides all of the week's celebrity news in a byte sized package.

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Dying Mom May Get One More Mother's Day

Darlene Gant is dying from stage four breast cancer. There's no treatment that will change this and no current FDA approved treatments that will lengthen her life. In all likelihood, she will not get to spend Mother’s Day with her 11-year-old son, which is her dying wish.

Adult baby on disability payments

Adult infants deserve disability payments, says the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Just a thought !

It is May and May is known to be National Teenage Prevention Pregnancy Month. My dance club and I decided to take this week to acknowledge this month and tell other students about it.

Baby Girl Dies Before Completing "Her" Bucket List

No sooner had the story of this sweet baby girl's terminal condition gone viral but her already expected short life was suddenly cut even shorter.

Nontuplets Are Non-Existent -- Woman's Pregnancy a Lie

A woman in Mexico lies about being pregnant with nontuplets after giving birth to triplets, which is also untrue. Why did she do it?

Pregnant but no gestational sac... worried

My LMP was March 23, 2012, I went on vacation with my husband and got back on April 16, 2012. I took a pregnancy test urine and blood on the 19th and it came back positive!