Adult baby on disability payments

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Adult infants deserve disability payments, says the Social Security Administration (SSA). Particularly, it requires advantages for Stanley Thornton Jr., a 30-year-old Redding, Calif., man who wears adult diapers and lives as an adult infant. SSA has cleared him of Social Security deception. Source of article: Adult baby cleared of fraud, continues to collect disability

Wear a diaper and the government will pay you

Just a thought !

It is May and May is known to be National Teenage Prevention Pregnancy Month. My dance club and I decided to take this week to acknowledge this month and tell other students about it. We asked for donations which will go to the organization, we made t-shirts, had a guest speaker come and speak to the kids about respecting your body, and we even had raffles and who ever wins will get different supplies for school to even hygiene. From doing this event, it made me want to take it a step further to make another impact to girls in my school.

Pregnant but no gestational sac... worried

My LMP was March 23, 2012, I went on vacation with my husband and got back on April 16, 2012. I took a pregnancy test urine and blood on the 19th and it came back positive! We are excited that on our first try we were able to conceive. My BHCG level was 8.63. I retook the pregnancy blood test on the 27th and it was 403.96, i went to the ER for constipation on the 29th and my bhcg level was 976, they did a transvaginal and transabdominal sono of the pelvis but no yok sac or fetal pole was found. Should I be worried? or maybe is it too soon to see the sac???? Not sure what to think

Number 3 for Me

Well, this is my third pregnancy and well this is nothing like my first two. I am in my 6th week and i feel sick all day long and my body is doing things that I didnt think it could do. But, their are little changes that I have notice. Like my brest that have gotten a little bit bigger and very tender. I can feel like butterflies are in my stomach. But, overall it has been a great feeling. It has been 4 years since I was pregnant, so it feels great to be pregnant again. I just love being a mom!!

This crazy feeling of mine!

This feeling of mine that I my friend, FT are just not it. Yes you are a lovely person with a beautiful personality. There is no denying that. But still in all, I am selfish, very selfish regarding my child and you my friend has crossed an invisible line.

Yes I'm cool, know a little about the streets, but I've been that bitch and today and fovevermore that bitch is not me. Get it together. This shady shit in my house will go -- and it will go within the next few days. I will keep the keys to my house and you sir please go and find someone else to tuck your things.


I'm loving this feeling, I'm loving my life. My baby is growing beautifully within me. We are rich, healthy and blessed. Living in utter and complete JOY. Lord please keep me humble and happy and live in beautiful ABUNDANCE.

Thank you -- took my BETA early on 48/18/2012 result was 119!!! YESSSS!! And steadily increasing to reflect my beautiful body and baby.



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