Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

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According to a report, women who suffer from pms and tenderness in their breasts, may find relief by adding Evening Primrose Oil to their daily regimen. Allegedly, the Evening Primrose Oil has been used in the treatment of numerous conditions, such as inflammation, for centuries but up until now, the oil extracted from this wildflower, has been relatively undocumented. Reportedly, the profusion of gamma-linolenic acid contained in this naturally occurring oil can not be obtained from any single source of food.

Annoyingly Clumsy

I fell on my ass yesterday, and my back has been hurting me all day today. I was all mopey in 'hate everything' mode because the place was filthy, the catbox stunk, the guinea pig cage needed cleaning & there was a sinkfull of dishes. Husband took care of the catbox & dishes & I cleaned the floors (its a start) but I did have a hormonal crying fit when I was snuggling Mop (the guinea pig). "We've had her for over a year & she doesn't even LIKE ME... *barooo!*" ...pitiful.

Baby name discussions began today... i dont even know if im pregnant yet!

hi.. im gonna say something that im really embarassed about and its something that people will look down on me for but... im 14 and yes i did say 14.... anyway... my boyfriend and i have been together for just over 1 month(yes i know you probably think im a slut (think what u want i dont care) weve had sex twice and he took my virginity and i took his to yeah... any way... seth (my boyfriend) and i are really scared that i am pregnant and ive told a couple of my friends that i know i can trust... and they are all here for me and when i told seth i was freaking out....


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