Mom Awakes to Stranger Nursing Her Baby

Imagine waking up in bed and finding a strange woman by your side nursing your baby! Yes, nursing your baby! This is exactly what happened to a woman in Brooking, South Dakota.

Waivers Before Playdates -- Smart or Strange?

Some parents are asking for signed waivers or liability releases before allowing other people's children into their home for a playdate or birthday party. This new trend takes the "play" out of playdate.

Obesity in Pregnancy Causing Rise in Autism Cases

A recent study in the journal of Pediatrics looked into whether moms who are obese or have diabetes more likely to have a child with autism or another developmental problem.

Pregnant Women on Planes Turn Flight Attendants into Storks

In the last couple of months, at least two babies have been born at 30,000 feet. Granted, these were times you could count on applause over indignation at the sound of a baby crying on a plane.

Celebrity Round-up: Housewives Sing, Kim Goes West, and Tori Surprises

The celebrity round-up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!

Women Turn to Social Media After Pregnancy Loss

Have you posted on your Facebook page about your pregnancy? If so, you undoubtedly received many "likes" and congratulatory comments. But if, heaven forbid, you had a pregnancy loss, would you post about it on Facebook?

Airline Announces Child-Free Cabins

A Canadian airliner introduced child-free cabins in an April 1st commercial. What a great April Fool's joke! Even if they're our own, flying with children can be tough. Find out how to make it easier!

Baby name discussions began today... i dont even know if im pregnant yet!

hi.. im gonna say something that im really embarassed about and its something that people will look down on me for but... im 14 and yes i did say 14.... anyway...

What is the most effective way of finding out if you are pregnant??

im a teenager and i still live at home and im scared that im pregnant and im showing alot of signs that im pregnant and my boyfriend knows that i feel this way and hes by my side all the way...

Study Shows Elective Inductions Lead to More Complications

A University of Adelaide study has concluded that inducing labor when it's not medically necessary is more likely to result in birth complications compared to women who went into labor naturally.

Happy Times

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Mom Delivers Twins from Two Separate Wombs!

When Danielle Young, 29, found out she was pregnant, she was amazed. She'd been diagnosed with bicornuate uterus, a rare condition that makes it next to impossible to carry a baby to full term.

Looks Like Im pregnant again

Well I found out on Wed that I am pregnant again, about 5 weeks along. this makes baby #5 for me. It was an unexpected pregnancy but I am happy about it none the less.

Little Girl Helps Put Her Molester Behind Bars

A ten year old girl's quick thinking helped convict a family friend the second time he was in the act of molesting her.

TTC #1

i have never done this before. I'm Mariah Furtado, and my husband and i are newly weds. well........almost lol, he is waiting on permission from the military.

Celebrity Round-up: Lindsey's Free, Jessica's Short and Alicia Pre-Chews Food

The celebrity round-up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!

feelin unwanted

I'm 21 weeks pregnant, my relationship is wonderful but i sometimes feel that thing between me and my finace have changed since i've gotten pregnant.We don't have sex like we use to and i feel it's ma

Alicia Silverstone -- Mama Bird or Mega Weird?

Alicia Silverstone reveals a controversial method when it comes to feeding her 11-month-old son. Would you pre-chew your child's food?

Mom Dies 8 Days After Giving Birth to Triplets

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a woman in southern England died just over a week after giving birth to triplets. Her husband said she was "on top of the world" in her last days.