Marie Chronicles -- Entry 12

March 2: I am still on air since the ultrasound. I have been getting paranoid thinking "maybe they were wrong" I've scoured every ultrasound gallery website I can find.

How Do Kids Learn Values?

The way children learn values, simply put, is by observing what you do, and drawing conclusions about what you think is important in life. Regardless of what you consciously teach them, your children will emerge from childhood with a well-developed value system of their own.

Sandy's Surprise -- Signs Labor Starts Soon

I figure it's all Baby Boy from now on -- when he's ready, he'll let my body know! Here are some signs I've been having that labor is getting closer each day (some of these are TMI, so don't read if you have a weak stomach):

Marie Chronicles -- Entry 13

I'm starting to feel really bad. Yesterday we went to my brother in laws house for a birthday party, and unknown to us, his kids just got over a nasty stomach virus!!

Mother Muse: In Praise of the Pregnant Body...

If you are reading this while pregnant and therefore reaching numbers on the scale you have never seen before, congratulations and do not be alarmed. Please know this: You are not fat. You are pregnant. Your body is working like a retailer before Christmas readying itself to deliver.

Sandy's Surprise -- Progress Update

More progress, ladies! I started losing my mucus plug last night! And this morning, I lost more of it along with some bloody show! I know this doesn't necessarily mean anything yet as far as labor, but I am so excited that my body's getting the show on the road!

Sandy's Surprise -- Look What I Won!

Read All of Sandy's Surprise -- A Pregnancy Journal

Nope, not in labor BUT look at what I won the baby on Ebay!

Bedtime for Toddlers: Ten Steps to Sleep Without Tears

The bad news is that some kids seem to be born good sleepers, and some don't. The good news is that falling asleep is a matter of habit. All kids can learn it. It may take some time to develop that habit, but your busy toddler can learn to put himself to sleep, and to stay asleep, eventually. Here's how:

Sandy's Surprise -- Still Waiting

Tim was a little disappointed that he had to go off to work this morning because he really thought the baby was going to come over the weekend! I am fairly certain he'll come before his due date, but I'm still willing to wait patiently if he needs a little bit longer.

Sandy's Surprise -- Water Broke!

Guess where I am! The maternity center! This morning, I felt a little trickle, walked into my appointment and they told me my water had broken! I am having some contractions, but they're not too regular yet.

Sandy's Surprise -- Baby Boy!

I am so, so, so exhausted but wanted to update you all! We have a HEALTHY BABY BOY! I will post pictures in a little bit, since we got admitted so quickly, Tim didn't bring the USB cable for the digital camera so I can't upload pictures yet.

Sandy's Surprise -- Birth Story

Thanks so much for reading my birth story! I'm going to start documenting my postpartum recovery and new mommyhood adventures in the baby journals section! Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this journey -- it's been an AMAZING 9 months!

Helping Your Child Overcome Shyness

Shy kids are at a disadvantage in our outgoing, busy culture, because they have a harder time relaxing and connecting with others. The good news is that shy kids can learn to manage shyness. They just need a little extra support. So what's the best way to help your child overcome shyness?

When Your Older Child Hits the Baby

Your six-month-old is happily gurgling in his bouncy seat on the floor of the family room, mouthing his rattle. Your two-year-old is playing with his cars nearby. You've just entered the kitchen to get dinner started, when the baby's wails signal that once again, your two-year-old has grabbed the baby's rattle and whacked him with it.

How to Get Your Kids to Talk? Learn to Listen.

Did you resolve to build a better relationship with your kids this year? Have more deep conversations? Then you'll be interested to know that the most important skill for parents in talking with kids is listening. What your kids need from you is your full attention and empathy.

Ten New Year's Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Parent

The most important parenting skill is to manage yourself. Intervene before your own feelings get out of hand. Take care of yourself so you aren't venting on your kids. Stay calm, so you can access your own innate wisdom and generosity.

12 Tips to Help Your Child Discover His Inner Angel

Go through each child's room with them and create a "give-away" box of gently used items to pass on to kids who need them. Don't force kids to share before they're ready. And don't force your kids to give things up "because others are needy." Giving shouldn't be painful.

Ten Tips for Holidays without Tears

Disrupted schedules, traveling with little ones, the crash and burn from all the excitement -- Holidays can easily be a recipe for tears and tantrums. How can parents manage life in December to maximize the joy and minimize the tears? Here, our top ten tips for creating a season of meaning and wonderful memories for yourself and your kids.

14 Great Homemade Presents to Make With Your Kids

It's the thought that counts, and the love that goes into it. No need to spend a fortune on gifts, your kids will love making them for grandparents, cousins and teachers, and the recipients will treasure them. Remember that your goal is to have fun with your child and give a token of affection.

Fabulous December Traditions to Nurture Your Family

Want more family togetherness and deeper meaning this holiday season? First, just say no to everything that feels obligatory. Then pick a few traditions -- not a whole list. You'll find they gain meaning as you revisit them every year, regardless of whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, or Solstice.