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38 weeks today

So i am 38 weeks pregnant today. I have not really been writing too much but I probably should have because every other time I wrote and I had any stress or concerns it was just nice to let them out so here we go. The pregnancy has been a little harder then I thought it would be...we were diagnosed with gestational diabetes a little over a month ago, which turns out isn't as bad as it sounds but when you get a call from the hospital saying you have to see high risk doctors and the words early induction and c-section get throw out there it's a little nerve racking!


Wow the last few months have just been insane! For starters we found out we were having a baby girl which made me both happy and ridiculously stressed! We we're planning on a boy and we we're just so sure we were having a boy that when we found out we we're having a girl it terrified me! I felt like a boy would be much easier for our first child...with a girl there are just so many things to worry about that, as much as it's a double standard, you don't have to worry about when your having a boy! But we sat down and talked about it and realized a girl would not reallt be that different.

over 8 weeks

So I am 8 weeks and 6 days today based on my calendar. It has been a crazy last few weeks! I am not feeling too bad considering the horror stories I have heard. I have not thrown up, though I have been pretty nauseous here and there, I get some pretty bad headaches which are a little trying, emotions have not gotten too crazy and my breasts are starting to not hurt as much.

My pregnancy

So I took my test on Saturday just because I had the extra one and I was late and suprise it said pregnant! I couldn't believe it! Big reason for that being that I took a test 2-3 weeks ago and the test was negative and now all of a sudden it's positive. The flood of emotions that hit me was incredible! I was terrified and excited and happy and just plain flabbergasted lol.