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Constantly thinking abt the weeks I'm in

So It's my first baby and recently I was confused on how many weeks preg I am until I called up and found out. I was told I'm in my 5th week and all this time I was thinking 6th. Anways, now i'm a little nervous and also disappointed that i'm still so early into my preg..i guess i wanted the first trimester to fly by so i can start showing and tell others abt it. I'm constantly thinking abt my can I help myself to relax? Is anyone who went thru the same thing as I am. It's my first too so I think that has alot to do with it. I tried reading but my mind keeps drifting .

My Journey

My husband and I decided to try for a baby and five days before my 30th birthday I found out I was pregnant. At first I was surprised since the only position we did was on top (don't be fooled by gravity). Then came fear and then excitment. Imagine throwing a big birthday bash for yourself and not drinking ;). Luckily no one noticed since everyone was busy mingling and getting drunk. As for me, I remained in my safe kitchen majority of the night. I am now in my 5th week and it is quite exciting. No hint of morning sickness yet...not that I want it but somehow I thought I might have it.