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The wait is over and the proverbial clock is reset back to 0:00. The rest of life continues on, we get one step closer to buying our new house each day and it seems the more I pack away, the more stuff I find. >.

The irony is, originally, we'd wanted to wait until we were in Alabama then made the collective decision to not wait. Now, it seems, we may just be waiting anyway.

*watches the clock start ticking away again...*

The Waiting Game(s)

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The timer has been set and the waiting begins...

It seems as if that is all I've been doing recently - waiting.

I've been waiting to see if I'll actually be late or not; waiting to see if we'll get the house in Alabama or not; waiting waiting waiting.

It's annoying really. Truly, truly bothersome. I know I have to be patient and I know that this may not be 'it' since hubby and I just started trying to conceive #4 but it still seems to be horrifically nerve wracking to simply sit and wait.

And so it begins...

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So, as is want to do in the lives of us, things have changed, plans have been thrown asunder and we now simply move on with what we have in hopes of coming out on top.

And, thus, it begins.

Plans for Alabama have been blown out of the water by newer plans to remain in the NOVA region. Meds have ceased, the proverbial candles have been lit and we are off and running in the race to conception.

Number Four

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Happy Holidays, lets try for number four!

My husband has long stated that he wants a large family, something that, for a long time, made me cringe and blink at him in wonder. I have a younger brother and he is the middle child of three. Hardly a basis for a large family in my eyes yet, we take a step back and look at his mother's family and now the basis is seen. My mother-in-law is one of eight. Yes, eight!