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I had a miscarriage

March 12, I visited my obgyne to confirm my pregnancy test. She subjected me for ultrasound (Trans-vaginal), to check if there is a gestational development. Since I was only on my 4th week of pregnancy, it shows no gestational sac. The result shows that my uterus is irregularly enlarged with thickened endometrium which is consider an early pregnancy sign. Since I am staining then (brown blood coming out), she gave me Duphaston 10 mg to be taken twice a week for the next 10 days and required me for a bed rest.

I Preg Test This Morning

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am to have my HCG Urine Test otherwise known as pregnancy test. I was very keen on what to do. I almost reread the steps 5X (5 times) just to make sure that I will do the right procedure. When I gain the confidence on what to do, I go to the bathroom and do my thing. In less than 3 minutes, I got the result, it has two lines - it's POSITIVE. I was so excited that I immediately wake up my husband. He was also thrill with the news. Tomorrow, I will visit my doctor to validate my findings. I am so happy!

I think I am pregnant

I was suppose to have my period last February 27, 2010. I am already delay by 11 days. I am married for 20 months now. I haven't bought a pregnancy kit because I want to try it on my second week of being delayed. I will have my test on Saturday, March 13. I have mixed emotions - I am excited at the same time scared. I am just getting the courage from women who have bore a child and raise them. I always tell myself the past 10 days, that if my mom and other moms outhere have done it --- why shouldn't I. I am so happy that I have a very supportive husband.