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Second Try

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We're now finishing with our second month of TTC. I was really disappointed when I didn't get pregnant last month. It happend so easily with Rylee, I just assumed it would happen just as easily this time. Now my "perfect" plan is skewed and if we get pregnant this month it would be an April baby. Nothing wrong with that, but my Dad and brother both have April birthdays. Guess we could just possibly have ANOTHER April birthday.

The Next Step

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It is a day before June and we have begun to TTC our second child. I'm more scared this time than I was last!! I really think it's because I KNOW what to expect now. Not that anything was so severe it should be scary, just that it can be overwhelming. Are we really ready for this? Is this the right time? How will Rylee react? How will we handle the financial part of having a second child? Are we REALLY ready?! I know the answer to all of those questions, because I'm a planner. But, there is still that unknown factor that gets me.

Before the Beginning

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We haven't begun trying to conceive our second child yet, but my impatience is growing. Due to my work, the timing of having a baby is important to me. I have a very busy and demanding job at the first of the year. The first 3 months are the busiest and most stressful of any. I'm nervous about being in my third trimester through the new year, but I'm beyond ready for another baby.