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I have a tiny bump! :)

It's not much but it's there!! It makes it seem more real. I still can't believe that when I place my hand on my stomach, there's just a small barrier between me and my baby. My baby that's growing inside of me. I have such a strong feeling that there's a tiny girl inside of me too. I have to wait three more months before I know for sure if i'm buying pink elephants or blue ducks and i'm way too impatient. I can't believe some people wait until their child is born. I have so much respect for them because it must be magical to find out after the birth but I couldn't wait that long.

Vitamin-B stopped my morning sickness!

The first couple of weeks since I found out I was pregnant were horrendous. I was fine until I found out but as soon as I knew, I started feeling sick! Not just in the morning - all of the time! There were days when I couldn't even get out of bed (apart from to be sick!) That is until I started taking vitamin-b! I read that it can help nausea so I thought i'd give it a go. I found that the best way to aleviate my sickness was if I took it at night, that way i've been waking up feeling fine! Smile I still feel sick whenever i've eaten a meal but it's significantly less!

Well the doctor was wrong again!

I'd been heartbroken when my doctor told me in November that i'd find it hard to concieve. I found it so unfair given that i'd never felt part of a family. I thought i'd never know what that felt like, I felt defeated. Every time I saw a child, I felt like i'd been punched in the chest. So when the stomach cramps began, I awaited that monthly reminder of how useless I was....but it didn't come! I'm naturally very thin so didn't think anything of being a few days late but when those few days had stretched to eleven, I thought something was wrong.