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Well my boyfriend and i have been trying to concieve for a while
This month we are trying somthing differnt,
Well i am Wiccan and we have decided to do a pregnancy spell (tested and proven)
Instead of doing it all myself i have a lady who has been doing witchcraft for over 20years do half the spell for me,
She summons the god and godess of fertility and cast the spell into a ring and give me the ring, i wear the ring and i do another part of the spell during my ovulation period,

I am wiccan and i belive!
I will keep you informed on how it goes!

Bless all.

Getting pregnant

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well my boyfriend and i have been trying to concive for a few months and nothing has worked out.

Well the doctor wants to put me on fertility drugs but i dont have any troubble ovulating.

though we have jus decided not to try everyday!
We have been having sex everyday of the month hoping to get pregnant

Then i realized it takes a few days for the sperm to mature
So this month were just going to have sex on my most fertile days.

We have the ovulation kit and my boyfriends taking tablets to help his fertility.

so hopefully this month we concieve!!