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T4 and a whole lot more

January 27 - first visit to the endocrinologist. What a lovely chap. Took time to go through the whole pathway for thyroid hormone production and explain why I needed to be watched closely throughout pregnancy. For now, my T4 levels are normal and TSH high at 7.7 but hopefully with doubling dose of thyroxine, things will proceed smoothly. Apparently the baby will be milking my thyroxine for its own use so my levels need to be normal to high normal. Ben woke early despite having been on night shift the day before and today to accompany me to the appointment. Thankful for small gestures.

Jo's first pregnant days

9 days have passed since we found out that we're pregnant. The reality hasn't kicked in partly due to the fact that I have't got many symptoms. Having said that, today my boobs feel very sensitive. I am only praying and hoping that morning sickness will be mild or non-existent (one can hope!). It's funny how finding out I'm pregnant has made me worry about the slightest awkward movement, slightest twinge and exactly what I put into my mouth. I'm sure most first time mothers-to-be would feel the same way. I did another pee-on-a-stick today just to see that positive result...crazy huh?