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TTC update

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So, its been a few weeks since we decided to try to get "with child". I abruptly ended my BC 2 weeks early.. I had a week of bleeding.. no clue what that was about..then i saw some mucus i thought was ovulation mucus so we made it a point to attempt fertilization that night.. a couple days later I then bought an ovulation testing kit and the day i started it, it said i was about to or in the process of ovulating... then the next day when i tested again the indicator strip on the test turned the darkest it could turn..looked like someone took a marker to it.. then yesterday I had cramps.

baby steps toward baby steps

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OK, Me and My husband have been married for 5 months now and we just bought our first new home. Neither of us have ever had children and its both of our first marriage. We've decided we're both of a good age (he's 28 and I'm 26) and we're as stable in our lives as we're ever going to be (we're both accountants for the state government with decent income) and the time is right for us to expand our family and produce an offspring. So we desperately want to concieve. We had the talk and confirmed that this is what we want and talked over what steps are next.