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Hello baby, goodbye highschool

My Highschool life was a blur. an enjoyable and slightly too fast blur. I am the baby of my family so i walked in the rather large foot prints of my siblings. My sister Kate Is very pretty and very determined. if she wanted it she would work until she got it. Varsity Volley MVP and captain, choir star, and soccer allstar. along with student body president, homecomming queen AND prom queen. she was also a high honoroll student. our brother Will played football and was noticed by all the girls. he was like by all the teachers and basically owned the school. I didnt do so badly my self.

one baby, two baby

Double the trouble.

Being a teenager is hard everyone knows it. Drama is hard, gossip is hard, the emotions are hard. Being a pregnant teen is hard no one can deny it. disaproval is hard, the emotions are hard, the looks are unbareable. I am EXTREMELY greatful for my family, my friends and the way i was raised. Espically now that i found out im pregnant with twins.

Yes, I am

I am pregnant so stop staring at me. I am young so stop staring at me.

I am 17 years old. not only that but i just turned 17. I am spprox 16 weeks pregnant. I am aware that teen pregnancy isn't completely social accepted by many people but atleast it isnt as frownd upon anymore. I had always planned to graduate at the end of my junior year because i felt i was ready to move onto college early. thank goodness for that plan because 1/2 way through second semistimer i found out i was pregnant.