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I might have succeded

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ok, so i was supposed to start my period on may 17, 2011. I haven't started yet and i'm 8 days late.. My boyfriend and i talked about it and if I haven't started by this coming friday im going to get a test.. im starting to get really excited.. I'm going to be crushed if i end up not being pregnant.. This is so amazing i really think i am this time i just hope im not just making myself think i am.. i will be heart broken and so will my boyfriend if im not.. comment please!! i need support! Smile

first time on here...

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so.. my boyfriend sion and i have been trying to conceive for about a month now.. my period should be on the 19th.. i am excited AND scared to see if we succeeded this month.. i know its a long shot but i put my info into one of those ovulation calculators and it said that i should have ovulated on may 1st.. and most people say that you wont start showing signs for a couple of weeks but i read an article that said you could start seeing signs within 2 or 3 days.. according to the calendar i should have ovulated last sunday and starting on friday my breasts started getting really tender.