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getting better?

well. the past week or so has not been easy. basically i feel like shit most of the time. haven't really been able to do anything but lay around all day. and try to eat so that i don't get nauseous. it's been a little scary - what if it stays like this the whole pregnancy? i'll never be able to get all the things that i need done. how will i work? but i'm sure it will pass. actually i've felt better these past couple of days. the mornings are the hardest, have to eat real fast because the nausea is strong. later i'm mostly so exhausted, and just have a general shitty feeling.

first ultrasound!

first of all now i can really believe it. but i never expected what we saw today! baby was so big! more then a cm and we could clearly see the heart ticking away, that was the most exciting part.
nimrod was a little shocked, i think seeing it one the screen made everything so real.


Trip to Ketura

2 days away from home at Kibbutz Ketura. The bus ride was soooo long but thankfully i didn't feel too nauseous or had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the ride.
The night was the most special part, i felt that I wasn't alone, that i was guarding you. and you we're obviously taking care of me too, I never dreamed of the miracles that came with your coming.
My body feels very strange, almost like it is not my own, like i am some sort of carrying vessel.

Just Starting

well, my first entry. I'm feeling weird, but i don't know if it's really because of the pregnancy or just "normal feeling weird"... my belly's swollen almost all the time, but i keep thinking i'm just fat Smile
i felt very weak all afternoon and slept a lot, i hope i stop doing that cause i don't feel good afterward.

Doctor's appointment is on Wednesday, i don't think i'll really believe it's happened until i don't get his confirmation. Its seems unreal to me that baby can be so developed by now.