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First Doctors Visit today

So today at 4:00 I have my first doctors visit where I will get checked out and schedule an ultra sound I am so excited I know its still early in my pregnancy but I cant wait to see our little guy/gal.
I was reading yesterday that the earliest you can find out what your having is between 6-18 weeks but most dont till like 6 months, and as far as I know im only 3 weeks.

Just Found Out

I found out yesterday (March 1st) that I was pregnant with my first baby, It was definitely unexpected I'm still getting used to the idea that me a regular 19 year old girl am pregnant.
My boyfriend whom I live with and of course the dad is so very supportive he is going to help me break the news to my parents.
We are both so excited my guess is that I am only 2 weeks pregnant I'm pretty sure I got pregnant on valentines day-haha that will be a story for the kids-I just want to know what I am having already.
We have already started making a list of baby boy and baby girl names.