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And the bleed goes on...

Well, as it turns out, I had another miscarriage. I had to wait to write this entry until 2 weeks after the fact because I was so emotional and angry that this happened to me again within the time frame of 3 months. 2 miscarriages in 3 months time. It is extremely heartbreaking, words just can't describe the amount of emotional pain, frustration and anger that goes along with this. I've had several talks with my doc about the why's and he firmly believes that we have just had a bad roll of the dice twice in a row.

We caught the egg!

It's official! We caught the egg during last months ovulation! I was shocked to see the 2 very distinct lines on the pregnancy test Wedneaday morning. I had had some brown spotting that started Tuesday and carried over into Wednesday, so I assumed it was AF starting up again. But, I just seemed to have this gut feeling that I was in fact pregnant, which surprised me since I was not counting on getting preggo again so soon after the m/c. So, I ended up testing on Wednesday morning and both lines showed up right away!

Impatient and anxious

So, DH and I were successful with the BD'ing on the day I should have O'd, so now I'm waiting on whether or not AF is gonna rear her ugly head. I am 2 days from starting AF (according to my cycle length before m/c and D&C) and have not noted any of my usual telltale signs of spotting yet. I have planned to take an HPT this coming Wednesday, provided AF doesn't show before then. I do feel like maybe I am pregnant; like that instinct only a woman has about her body. Like the first 2 times I got pregnant, I just knew. I kinda feel like that now and hope I'm just not playing tricks on myself.

The Journey Begins - Chasing the Egg

Well, here I am 1.5 weeks after AF awaiting ovulation for this coming Monday. DH and I are already "practicing" for O day and I gotta say, it has been fun to say the least. :) We have been BD'ing every other day since Monday, and I plan on making it daily by this Saturday and doing it twice on Monday. DH is very excited about this plan. He can't believe I'm gonna wake up early on Monday to BD before work lol. For me the more sex we have the sexier I feel, which makes me want to do it more. Good combination for wanting to conceive.

Slight detour

Got another call from my OB yesterday. When he scheduled my D & C he had asked if we wanted him to send the tissue out for an analysis to see if a reason could be found as to why the miscarriage occured. He had called to let me know that a karyotype had been performed and an extra chromosome was found on chromosome 15, thus causing the pregnancy to terminate. I asked if chromosome 15 carries any genetic abnormalities such as when chromosome 21 has an extra chromosome, the baby would be born with downs syndrome.

On the road to baby

I went to see my OB yet again this past Thursday the 26th for my annual exam finally. Since the whole pregnancy/miscarriage fiasco over the past few months, my annual check-up was pushed to the side. So I had my exam done and brought up some health concerns I had about getting pregnant again. I found out this past December that my mother's mom had her thyroid removed and no one knows why. She did not disclose information about her health to children. My mother went to the doctor for a persistent sore throat and they found she had a lump on her thyroid.

Green means Go

Well, I went to my OB for post-op recheck from my D & C yesterday. My doctor said everything looked good and my exam was within normal limits. He is still optimistic for me in getting pregnant again and having it be a successful pregnancy. His enthuziasum for me is contagious. I told him that DH and I had planned on trying again right away. My doc was very excited for me. I should be ovulating again in about a month. I hope what I've heard about fertility is true - that once you've been pregnant, it's not hard to get pregnant again. I would love to be pregnant again by the summer.

Miscarriage #2

I haven't actually written my thoughts down about this until now. I experienced my second miscarriage in 10 years 3 weeks ago. Both miscarriages happened the same way; the embryo stopped developing at 8 weeks. This miscarriage affected me much more than the first. The first miscarriage I was young, and although excited about the prospect of becoming a mother, was somewhat glad the pregnancy terminated. I went on birth control right after that in order to help "plan" a future pregnancy. I went off the pill about 4-5 years ago.