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This week

This is theeek I either start my period or find out if I'm pregnant. This is also the week I'm either extremely happy or extremely sad. Right now I'm experiencing very mild cramps. It could be implantation cramps or I'm getting to start my period. We shall see.

Not so much of high hopes

This time around I'm trying not to set my hopes up too high. Many of times I've been disappointed but mostly due to my lack of knowledge when it came to family planning. Although, having a child is very important to me at this point in my life. But if it's not meant to be at this point and time then so be it.


Here we go again. All last year I was trying to conceive but with no success. I've been doing some reading more so now than before. Lately i've been really serious about TTC and I have since starting using ovulation predictions kits and sperm friendly lube whatever increases my chances of conceiving. So the 27th of June was my ovulation day. We had sex before and during my ovulation day and will probably try again on today. I'm hoping for all the best. According the ovulation calender, I should be expecting my cycle on the 9th of Jul but I'm hoping for a positive pregnancy test instead.