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TTC month 2

Well This is the beginning of my second TTC month/cucle. Last month I learned how to chart my cycle, use my BBT & tempature to help determine ovulation, and research times of fertility. This month I am taking all my learned/gathered information into practice. I began to use fertilityaid supplements and prenantal vitamins this past weekend. Should I be taking both supplements or just one supplement at a time? I stopped taking any medications that are not safe to take while pregnant and I am buying books, budgeting and so forth.

I am going for it!!

Lately my friend has been spending a significant amount of time with me. He talks about ending relationships he has with others, and talks about plans to take me along to places with him he usually would not take me. He begun bringing me with him when he visits his childhood neighborhood, and introducing me to more and more of his life, even though we know almost everything about one another. I decided that instead of fearing to loose the ability to have a baby that it won't kill me to try.

What to do?

I am currently in a non-committed relationship, however it works for us. I am 28 and he is 36, both work in the city live out of the city in the same town. I have a pretty average income, his compared to my own...way above average, but compared to others really decent. He lives on his own as do I. We agreed to be friends or open to just date w/freedom to date others. Recently I shared with him my secret that I keep to myself especially when it comes to males. I am diagnosed prone to ovarian cysts, and my doctor however sweet (you know can report you may die if we don't stuff...

Another sad Mother's Day

So Mother's day has come and gone, although I appreciate my family and friends that wish me happy mother's day because I care for my pet rabbit, Juicy, I always feel sad at my current position in life. OUt of all my firends I am the only one who is not married or not a mother or not living with a romantic partner, and now dead single. I get very sadd and depressed when I think about the time limit I feel I am on, and the issues that I have to overcome to reach my dream. Bieng a mother is not a dream I am willing to give up.

TTC Journey begins this Summer or Fall 2009

I am 28 and I currently take YAZ BC to manage ovarian cysts. I work with my doctor closely and I have been doing this for the past 3 or so years. The last time I went in with pain from a small cyst, my Doctor asked "when do I plan to get pregnant?" This was last August 2008 or the following September. Since then I have been absolutely anxious about missing my opportunity to be a mother. I take my BC daily, although I can't blame anyne but myself when I miss a pill and a cyst forms. My doctor says that when I am ready to conceive we will stop the bc treatment for 3 months and try.