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Relieved at this point

Right away while trying to conceive we picked up one of those fertility monitors.

Month One Unsuccessful

Well to my disappointment, I was in the bathroom about 5 minutes ago and my period started. I was so hopeful that it had happened fast. For the last two weeks I've been so tired, frequently nauseated, hormonal, headaches, peeing constantly... I swore it was. No luck. Next time I guess... Here's hoping.

Baby #2?

Well here we start. June 25th Craig and I had my Mirena IUD removed. I had been bleeding heavy at the time and that continued for numerous extra days after. Since it has stopped we have started on "operation baby making" almost every night since. Hoping it happens soon due to my personal health history of when I'm not on birth control. Our 2 year old needs a playmate :-)