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Heath's Journey 3/25/11

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Still on the fence on if the surgery is worth the risks. So I asked him if we did more testing would that give us any more info. Heath's last MRI was in Nov and was to rule out a twisted neck. Now that we know he has Chiari I asked him to do the CSF MRI, and a full spine to look for a syrinx or teathered cord.

Heath's Journey 3/23/11

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Ok how to start. I'm going to have to go back a few weeks so this may get long.

On March 11th I got a phone call from the Nero S nurse and she read me the Apnea results and they are not good. His sleep study was 6 weeks ago, so after that wait you think the news of what we are doing next would be better then "come back for a visit in 3 months"!!!!

Heath's Journey 11/29/10

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So Heath's MIR went ok. He was hungery but not upset to bad before it. We where the first appt. He ate at 10pm and I could have nursed him at 2am but he did not wake up. By 6 we where at the hospital and 6:30 all checked in, he had fun playing with the toys and hand foam in the wating room. The Dr arived at 7 and brought us back to start all the questions and talk about what to expect.