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Heath's Journey 11/9/10

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Heath had his 2 year well visit yesterday and the pedi said as soon as she gets the results from the MRI she will call me so I should know before Thanksgiving (MRI is set for Nov 17th)!!! He is up in size from the 5th% on the charts at 18 months to the 12% now. He is not doing any of the 2 year milestones yet but is making progress and can do most of the 18 month ones, now.

Heath's Journey 4/26/10

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Today Heath was seen by the Airo-digestive team. Basically that means we went to the clinic and ENT, GI and Airway saw him all in the same visit.

The Sleep Dr. had reported to them about his study and that was bases of this visit.

Results: they did not need to use his O2 that night. His Co2 levels are still to high and considered abnormal. They have been getting higher/worse as he gets older. So we have to rule out why that would be. Blood was drawn today and we are waiting on the results.

But get this

Heath's Journey 4/21/10

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Where to Start? I think I am going to do this blog in categories.

Post op visit:
It went well. He was all healed and no more need for pain meds. He was also taken off the every 4 hour treatments and now we will only use then as needed. The fear is if we do them to often and he has a real attack the meds won't work for him. Only advice ENT could give me was wait and see what the sleep study says, before changing anything.


Heath's Journey 3/3/10

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Wow I can't believe it has taken me this long to sit here and type all this out. Firs off sorry for worrying anyone after the surgery. Life has been crazy with us packing for the move and add in his recovery and I just don't seem to have the time I used to. I just had to send the kids to play for a min so I could even take the time to write now.

As most of you know Heath had his surgery on Feb 16th. It was slightly delayed because the ENT had an emergency operation come in before us but lucky for us Heath fell asleep on a wagon ride and did not notice.

Heath's Journey 1/30/10

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So frustrated with Wellcare!!! or DFAC. I am not sure but I tried to get Heath a medical needs type of help because his old Wellcare was turned off due to income. That was on Dec 18th it should take 30 days. On Jan 14th we had a change in income and I had to go report that. And he got bumped off the medical help list because you can only get that if you make to much money and I was told based on my new income all 3 would have Wellcare in 45 days.

Heaths Journey 8/21/09

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We had a good week.

On Sunday while David I and the kids where playing a game Heath got up on all 4's and started to do this bunny hop/belly flop to get him self around. So on Monday he did it durring PT and we have a forward moving little buddy now!!!! It is not crawling yet but he is getting around and that counts.

Heaths Journey 7/24/09

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Hi everyone. We are home safe in GA.

We went to ENT on Tuseday. She says his tounge is starting to fit in his mouth better but that he is still having controle issues (nothing I did not know I am the one that feeds him and we are not able to get him to take baby food mush yet and swallow it) He had lots of wax in his ears and at first she thought maybe that was causing the hearing issues I was noticing. After cleaning them out (he cried) she was able to look in his ears and he has no infection (he has never had one) so they said he was ready to have his hearing tested.