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Heath's Journey 4/15/09

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On a whim 2 weeks ago my dad called and asked if he could come and visit. He arrived today and on a whim back I decided to join him on part of his trip to FL. So he will be here and I have lots to do to get ready to drive with the 3 kids to FL on Sat, we get home on the 22nd. DH can't come so this will be a road trip alone for me with all 3.

Heath's Journey 3/11/09

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He seems to be doing well. I figured out he has a tomato allergy like Daddy. He is colic and it can last hours on end of just screaming and gas (projectile vomiting at each feeding for 24 hours after) if I eat any. I thought he maybe had reflux but going back to the diet diary looks like even things like soup with tomato in the broth is causing it. I am going to have to do more then just no sauce or katchup and fresh tomatoes but start reading labels and get myself 100% off tomato products and see if the reflux stops.

OT: I have a new found love for wool yarn.

Heath's Journey 2/24/09

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112 yikes that is the # of events we down loaded today from the last 6 weeks.

We had an ENT appointment at 10am. Heath in cloths and cloth diaper was 16lbs 10oz!!!!!!! So I am sure around 16 naked. She told us she got the fax about his download from today and his events where considered normal. He had 2 that where due to low hart rate and 4 due to breathing but they where less then 20 sec so no major events.

Heath's Journey 2/11/09

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It is just so overwhelming at times. His respiratory supply alone are over 300 a month after our insurance. And I have not even thought about the bills sitting on my table for 11k when he had his 5 day hospital stay. They did tell me at WIC that I should get a package being a BF mom since he is not taking FF that if the baby is on Medicaid I can using his number as the BF mom get his benefits until he is 12 months.