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The Amnio

God what a horrible few weeks. Since being classified as "high risk" for Downs from teh NT scan we've had to endure the last five weeks of torturous wait. Had the amnio on Monday and woudl never ever do it again, all I could think of while it was going on was what if the baby dies because of this selfish act on our parts. This amnio is of no benefit to the baby, if the baby has downs then an amnio won't change that. THe only benefit is to us, that if the baby doesn't have Downs we are goign to be very relieved to find that out.


well, NT scan has put into high risk for Downs. We have only one baby with a NT of 2.8MM at 11Wk+6 days. This brings my risk to1:21 but bloods take it back out to 1:146 which is better but still high risk as they call it. I have beeked amnio for 6th April at SUFW with the guy who introduced NT to Australia - God don't I wish I would have the guts to tell him what I thought of this horrible screening procedure. I only really went to have a nice scan and a better dating estimate than I currently had and now I've got this sickness at the pit of my soul.

Morning Sickness

oh lord have I been sick! It started mid January I started feeling really lousy and assumed that this time I was unlucky and had morning sickness except over the course of a few days it just got so bad I couldn't get out of bed except to run to the toilet (not to vomit) and I had a constant burning in my stomach as well as nausea. After another couple of days I felt a bit better and went to the doctor (what kind of third world country have we got where a doctor won't make house calls and you're too sick to go to see him) who said I had a temperature so most likely had a bug.

we're having a baby!

hmmm, on Sunday I broke it to Kristian during Mass that I might need to do a pregnancy test. He took it pretty calmly,bless him, but I suppose as it was during the quiet bit before communion he couldn't exactly put his head in his hands and scream "Oh Lord not again!!!".