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If only they knew

I really need to get off this website and get my mind to a better place. I'm sitting here all alone at 3:29 in the morning and because of this website all I can think about are my poor little angels.
A month after my last MC my sister and her husband decided to start trying. I was so much more OK with this than anyone in my family has ever been with any of my pregnancies. I want to be happy for her and in my own way I am. I also can't help but feel like a green eyed monster.

Am I?

So, here is my situation. I'm 27 (28 in 3 weeks but who's counting?) and I have had 4 MC. My last 3 were back to back spanning from November 23rd 09 to February 14th 09. I went through a round of blood testing to find out if the problem is me. Everything came back normal except that I am hypercoaguable which means my blood tends to clot quickly. My then Fiance already had a 1 year old daughter, so the likliness of it being him are lower, and my ex-husband and I were both going to be first time parents with my 1st MC in 07.