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Sandy's Surprise -- Gender Disappointment?

I was reading an article about choosing the sex of your baby before you conceive to reduce "gender disappointment."I have to say, that made me sick to my stomach. I know whatever sex our baby is, and whatever he/she looks like, there is no way we would be disappointed.

Sandy's Surprise -- Busy Day Ahead!

I think my body's getting me ready for a newborn's crazy sleep schedule. I went to bed at midnight and woke up every hour on the hour, and was finally up for the day at 6 a.m.! Now, mind you, this is very unusual behavior for me. I would sleep all day if life didn't get in the way!

Sandy's Surprise -- Happy Ten Weeks, Baby!

TEN WEEKS TODAY! Happy ten weeks, baby! I made Tim say that to the baby this morning before he headed off to work. I have him say it every Wednesday when he heads off to work, because we move forward one week every Wednesday. Poor guy, he's probably wondering what happened to his usually sane wife!

Sandy's Surprise -- Tired of Nothing To Do

I am tired of being home with absolutely nothing to do. My boss has called me twice so far to see if I'll consider coming back to teach preschool, and I am so tempted. But I think that combination of fevers, germs, diarrhea that was so common for me when I worked there is just not going to be good during pregnancy.

Sandy's Surprise -- First Day Subbing

I am on lunch break now. Yesterday I officially got signed on as a substitute teacher and today I got my first call! I guess they weren't kidding when they said they have a high need for subs! I am working with 8th and 9th graders, and OMG! They are such a handful but so much fun.

Sandy's Surprise -- Being Pregnant Must Be a Lot of Work!

When we were adopting, I felt this huge need to buy things for the baby as soon as we were done with the paperwork. But with this baby, I feel no such urge. In fact, I am perfectly content to wait to buy things until we absolutely have to. He asked me why.

Sandy's Surprise -- I Dreamed of a Girl!

I can't wait to hit the second trimester! I've heard it called the "honeymoon trimester." I'm thinking pink for me! Actually, this is strange -- I always feel like the baby is a girl, but when I picture us in the future with our child, it's always a boy. Weird, huh?

Sandy's Surprise -- Cheri's Prediction Is Back!

Neat, huh? Audgee and Cheri, going head to head! I can't wait to see which one's right! I totally forgot today's Wednesday! That means...I'm 12 weeks pregnant! I am officially 3 months -- Yay! I remember thinking that this point in pregnancy seemed so far away, but it's finally here. I am so excited for the baby!

Sandy's Surprise -- Worried About Attachment To This Baby?

I'm a little worried about my attachment to this baby. I mean, I care immensely about this baby and I only want good things for it. But I'm not so sure I have a lot of love for it yet. I read all these things about maternal love, and I know I don't feel anywhere near that for this baby. Is that normal at this stage?

Sandy's Surprise -- Big NT Scan!

It was just so amazing to see him/her in there. This time he/she was moving so much that I felt this huge connection. It was so much bigger than when we went in for our first ultrasound which lasted 5 minutes, and the baby didn't move at all. This time, we got to see its little personality.