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Laughing Through the Chaos - Welcome to the Chaos!

I'm a 20-something first-time mama to a beautiful baby girl, and wife to my fabulous and unbelievably patient husband. This blog is all about my journey through motherhood. It's here that I'll talk about everything...

Laughing Through the Chaos: Fishin' for Turds - My Maiden Voyage

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Well, I did it. I fished a turd out of the bath tub. Bare handed.

I was wishing I had one of these:

Laughing Through the Chaos: Just Call Me the Multitasker Extraordinaire

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Today I was talking to my husband. On my cell phone. Holding my baby. While I was on the toilet at Olive Garden. I rock.

Laughing Through the Chaos - Things I could be doing right now...

BUT! These moments of quiet tranquility could end at any given moment, so I'm going to savor them. I'm going to use nap time for what I believe God intended nap time to be. ME TIME. I need my quiet time - my time to sit back, relax and do something for myself.

Laughing Through the Chaos - "Awyoowamooooom?"

An inquisitive little 4-year-old stopped me after my Mommy and Me class at the YMCA today and asked me this. I had to laugh as she cocked her head to one side, furrowed her tiny little brow, scrunched her eyes together, and asked me the question with all the seriousness in the world

Laughing Through the Chaos - Well, that's just crap-tastic

She's got a huge grin plastered on that sweet little face of hers. That horrendous smell couldn't possibly have come from her. I'm noticing that her little, tiny legs are moving very fast, sliding around rather easily, when normally, she meets some resistance. Hmmm, what ever could that be about?

Laughing Through the Chaos - 5 milligrams is all it takes

I've got a great support network of other moms online, and one day I told them that I was really irritable and stupid little things were really pissing me off. I told them that I'd cry really easily over stuff that never would have bothered me before. Postpartum depression was brought up. I shrugged it off and said - nope, not me, not depressed.

Laughing Through the Chaos - Can't a Girl Just Poop in Peace?

I get five of my ten toes out the door and screaming ensues. I remember, "Oh yes, we're in the phase where she blows a gasket if I leave the room." But, cry she must. This mama's gotta poop - when my husband is conveniently at work. This is unfortunate because, were he home during my oh-so-scheduled poops, I could enjoy a leisurely crap...