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BFP!! on Thurs. Mar. 11, 09

I got a + on thursday 3-11-09 14 DPO wow!!! I'm in shock and so happy to have planned this baby, I cant wait to feel my baby move. I thought I was out thisw month because all of the - hpt's I took starting at 10DPO all the way to 15 DPO. I cant wait for my bundle of joy to come and I got my wish I will be holding my lil one b4 the year is up!! EED; NOVEMBER 18TH 2009!!a month after daddys Bday.

Taking A Test!! 3-7-09

Here I go again cant sleep, thinking about what will the out come of this test will be!! My stomach is cramping rite now not sure why but very nervous at this point. How will I feel if its a BFN? How will I feel if its a BFP?? If its a BFN I will retest on Tuesday be cause I'm only 10 DPO. If its a positive the I will probably get light headed and hot!! BUt very happy. So we will c!!

Getting Pregnant

We have finally decided to start our family together. My Husband and I have been together for 4years and we just made the big decision to have a baby on this past Saturday. My ovulation date is 2/25/09 this wednesday I'm nervous because I hope we get pregnant the first try I dont want this to turn out to be a stessful thing for us. So far baby making has bought us closer making love has been fun and exciting since there seems to be a goal behind it.

Taking A Test!!

It is 2:43am I cant sleep up thinking about taking a pregnancy test this morning. I am newly engaged but have been with my boyfriend almost 4 years we set a date for May 16th of this year but most likely will be sooner if we are expecting. This will be our first together. I have most of the symptoms, sore breast, nausea, dizziness I know I am. We'll see in few.